About Us

How Does It Work?

All the listings found on our website are businesses exclusively owned/operated by current or former Military Members and First Responders. Any time a new listing is submitted the business owner must submit confirmation of their service. Search what type of business/service you are looking for and we will provide you with a listing of businesses that fit your needs.


Our Mission

At Thin Line Listings we recognize the sacrifices that our service personnel make and the risks they take on every day. For many of them the hard work does not stop when their uniform comes off. Our mission is to show our support and appreciation to these men and women by promoting their businesses, while also providing the public direct access to businesses they know they can trust.


Our Story

Thin Line Listings was created by a local Tampa Bay Area firefighter/paramedic
with three goals in mind: supporting our men and women in uniform, promoting
small business growth, and giving the public access to businesses and services
they can depend on. Creating a central listing directory dedicated exclusively
to businesses owned by service personnel provided the perfect opportunity to
achieve all three of these at once.